Newly Improved Super Strength Eye Care Formula - Highest Pharmaceutical Grade Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Bilberry - Greatest bioavailability – Rich Antioxidants - Works synergistically for Optimum Results

One Elevated

    • ♥ <b>Most Comprehensive Carotenoid Complex Formula</b>-the only brand that includes four essential carotenoids for good eye health (Beta Carotene, Lycopene, Lutein and Zeaxanthin)
    • ♥ <b>More Value For Eye Health Per Dosage</b>-unique eye care vitamins that are comprised of 4 essential carotenoids, bilberry and multivitamins: vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, copper and selenium.
    • ♥ <b>Support macular health with vitamins, minerals & nutrients including Lutein & Zeaxanthin. Antioxidants help protect against oxidative stress.
    • ♥ <b>Suggested usage: Take 2 capsules daily preferably with meals or as directed by your healthcare professional.
    • ♥ <b>To ensure purity and safety, our products are manufactured in a fully GMP-certified facility. Our product is third party tested to assure the quality and purity of each batch. All Made in USA.